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Martin North

Founding Principal, Digital Finance Analytics

I’ve seen Hans in action for more than 15 years. He is a highly effective business coach, combining commercial experience with a solid understanding of the behavioural issues.

Hans nicely balances the need to push a venture forward without trying to take over. Hans is an outstanding mentor and I highly recommend him.

Laura Scheffner Alonso

Entrepreneur, Indonesia

As an entrepreneur, it’s not always easy to get started.

So if you have someone who can just give you some clarity, so you know what you next step is, that will cut 15 years out of your journey.

So I am very happy to have met Hans and give my testimonial.

Melanie Grice

Entrepreneur, Australia

Karen, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your advice as somebody who has opened up their business not that long ago, only five years ago.

The information that you have taught me has just been so integral to everything I do with my business going forward has been just so beneficial. So thank you very much for that.

Amanda McAlpine

IP Commercialisation Manager, Meat and Livestock Australia

I’ve known Hans for 14 years, first at University of Western Sydney and now at Meat and Livestock Australia. We consulted him on many projects and commercialised several.

Without Hans, it would have taken us a lot longer. He has a nice succinct, direct, factual, straight-to-the-point communication style. He is wonderful!

Warren Bailey

Commercialisation Director, Macquarie University

I’ve known Hans for 10+ years. Macquarie University has benefitted a great deal from his skillset and analytical process to find great commercial outcomes.

He has done many projects for us: setting up our incubator, the School of Engineering, launching Macquarie Private Hospital, and spinning-off several smaller commercial projects.

Joo-Kwang Chua

Entrepreneur, Singapore

Hi Karen, I found you very enlightening and you are very caring. You had a lot of snippets and tips to share about my website and also the business that I am doing.

Your view and perspective on doing business and entrepreneurship has helped me a great deal. I think with your tips I feel I can move my business to a higher level.

Deriq Limkl

Entrepreneur, Singapore

I find Hans to be very sincere man, helping people to become an entrepreneur. You always present your methods from the heart and I am very touched with that.

It was a transforming seminar and no one is as loving and caring as you really come from the heart and I really appreciate it. Thank you very, very much.

Iain Rothwell

Director, Western Sydney University, Macquarie University, MultiLit and Navitas

I’ve known Hans for 15+ years, working with me on many projects at Western Sydney University, Macquarie University, MultiLit and Navitas.

He brings unique skillsets to business formation and connecting new businesses to market. He thinks outside the box, mixing creativity with business discipline.

He’s great guy to work with and he inspires others.

Lim Tien David

Entrepreneur, Singapore

I would like to recommend Hans for his commercialisation of technology.

He has a wealth of experience and his ability to short-cut the whole process because of his knowledge allows us to commercialise our technology easily.

I highly recommend Hans. He speaks from the heart and you will get more than you paid for.


Entrepreneur, Singapore

For many years I just did not have any business sense on how to bring my business forward. Having had a consultation from Hans I can focus more on my therapy work and not worry about my finance papers, accounting, and my marketing.

He has set up a system for me that is easy to follow and such a breeze running my business now.

Deriq Limkl

Entrepreneur, Singapore

Karen, you are an amazing woman. Through your teaching on making a website very secure for my blogging, so I can avoid all the pitfalls through all the spamming and security I never knew about before.

You’re actually willing to share, from your heart with true honesty and truthfulness that really touches me. Thank you very much Karen.

Mark Heritage

Entrepreneur, Australia

Hi Hans and Karen. Great to meet two individuals with such integrity, so genuine and with such a skillset to transfer. You helped with the essential things before launching my own business and without it we would’ve really struggled.

If anyone has the opportunity to meet with Karen and Hans before launching your business, they will definitely add value. We feel so valued.


Entrepreneur, Singapore

Since I started my business in 2005, I have engaged three people to set up my website, I wasn’t satisfied with them.

They made promises, promises and promises and none of them delivered.

I met Karen and she taught me how to create my own website, have the opt-in and autoresponders which I need very badly to take my business forward.

Andrew Konigsberg

Entrepreneur, Australia

Thanks for having dinner with me this evening.

It was great to have a chat with you about company structures, financial, legal implications of setting up a company structure and family trusts and all the other complications.

I feel a lot more confident now. Thank you

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