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Our mission is to inspire and help you create success

Our History

Since 1985 we have worked with some of the most talented and innovative people we know. We have invested in innovative startups and consulted to universities and R&D organisations helping them commercialise their Intellectual Property.

In the process we have reviewed hundreds of our clients’ projects in highly diverse industry sectors, primarily to assess the projects’ commercial viability and investability.

These projects included horticulture, animal health, climate change and the environment, health and wellness, the semiconductor industry, digital animation and video production, online retail, membership and ecommerce websites.

We secured AUD215m investment for 16 of these projects and launched them as a startup or spinoff, one which led to an IPO listing on the Australian Stock Exchange.

In addition we have launched (and secured investment) in 6 of our own businesses including Consulting Services, Education, Health and Wellness, Online Fashion and Ecommerce Retail, Millinery and the Wedding industry.

Over the years many aspiring entrepreneurs have asked for our help with their business ideas or startups. Mentoring is something we have always done with our consulting clients.

This led to us setting-up a mentoring program to help our students realise their dreams and aspirations. To help even more people achieve their goals in life, we pivoted to our online learning platform where we have a range of online courses – BusinessNavigate Academy.

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How our Team Supports You


Research and Development

We continually research, explore and review what is working now, hot topics, trends and new startup business ideas to make sure the strategies we teach are up-to-date, powerful and easy to implement


Expert Content Creators

In collaboration with subject matter experts our team of talented educators produce inspiring, informative, and well-researched content for an exceptional learning experience and measurable results


Community and Collaboration

Being part of a strong, healthy and collaborative community is important. We support you through social media, YouTube channel and free resources to fast-track your transformation to success

Our Founders

Karen Anderson

Director, Sales and Marketing

Technology, Creativity, Marketing and Communications

Karen is a high-achieving creative who loves entrepreneurship. Using her curiosity, empathy and obsessive attention to detail, she takes ideas from the concept stage and turns them into reality. Her expertise extends across diverse disciplines such as marketing, creativity, technology, product development, web development and video production as well as training and education. She thrives on collaborating, community and helping others prosper. Karen also likes to give back whenever she can.

Hans Wijgh

Director, Training and Development

BSc-Biology, BAHon-Politics, MA-Innovation Commercialisation

Hans is a serial entrepreneur and is passionate about bringing  innovation to market. He has spent his entire working life with  aspiring entrepreneurs and has consulted to companies at technology parks, university researchers and R&D companies helping them launch their startups and spinoffs. Hans’s unique background in Science, Politics and Innovation Commercialisation means he understands the critical role of collaborations and how to manage diversity to achieve success.

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Beginner to advanced courses. Learn at your own pace with lifetime access. Replay the videos as often as you want so you’ll never miss out. Step-by-step video instructions

Course delivery via a superior training portal with high quality video/audio viewable on any device. Start on one device and resume on another without losing your place

The courses are taught by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, business and marketing experts who all have been very successful in their own businesses​

Easily navigate and tracking of your progress through all your courses. With a single secure Login and self-serve Member Area you can conveniently manage your account

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