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Introduction to Entrepreneurship

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Are You Ready to Master the Skills You Need to Become an Entrepreneur

No matter who you are, what you do or what stage of life you are in, we all think about the future and what matters to us most.

Maybe you feel a desire to do something more meaningful that better aligns with your values, strengths and lifestyle. Something you truly enjoy and empowers you to take more control of your life.

As you are here, you probably have some business goals, but they always seem out of reach.

Perhaps you lack the necessary support or you’re held back by fear, indecision and confusion. When taking steps to change, we often feel a mix of excited anticipation and fear of the unknown.

Whether you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur or just curious about the topic, this is the best place to start.

Find out if you fit the entrepreneur profile

Do you like the idea of becoming an entrepreneur and be your own boss? Maybe you have been dreaming of starting a small business, an online business, or a startup?

Or perhaps you want to start a side hustle first, earn some extra money with the idea of later turning it into a profitable, sustainable business?

There are many reasons why people decide to make the transition to entrepreneurship and start their dream business.

Maybe your job has no career progression or your ideas are not valued. Perhaps you are burned out from your job and are looking for better options, but don’t have a clear idea what to do next.

Maybe your job opportunities are limited and you want more out of life than being stuck in the low-paying gig economy where you have no security, and you cannot control your destiny.

Or you want to use your passions, knowledge, skills and talents to be part of something bigger than yourself, or to make the world a better and safer place, if you only knew where to start.

Perhaps you find it difficult to come up with good business ideas or how to find viable ideas. Or you have too many ideas for business ventures and don’t know which one to choose and focus on.

Find out how to turn your ideas into a viable business opportunity

Entrepreneurship transforms and challenges you, and it’s never too early, or too late to start – there’s always a new chapter in your life waiting for you to write.

Don’t think “you can’t” and instead say “I can”. Join thousands of people just like you and bring your dreams and business ideas to life.

And while some people are born entrepreneurs, most of us first need to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship – to discover your Inner Entrepreneur.

You do not need a university degree to learn how to become an entrepreneur.

This Inner Entrepreneur Course is an introduction to entrepreneurship. It covers the essential fundamental principles, best practices and methodologies for becoming an entrepreneur.

It was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It is practical, comprehensive and easy-to-implement, and gives you a step-by-step action-based roadmap for achieving your aspirations.

We show you how to discover if there is a need and a market for what you intend to create, assess the feasibility, risks and rewards of the business idea, and help you turn your idea into a viable Business Concept.

Who is This Course For?

This Course is for anyone interested in:

discovering the essentials of entrepreneurship to find out if it’s right for you
moving from beginner to being confident in starting your entrepreneurial journey
using your skills, passions and experiences to become an entrepreneur
learning the fundamentals of market research to come up with business ideas
starting a side-hustle (while keeping the security of your job)
becoming an action taker and start your own business, or an innovative startup.

Who is This Course Not For?

This Course is Not for anyone who:

is looking for one-on-one coaching or a mentoring program
wants accounting, finance, investment, legal, personal or relationship advice
is already an experienced entrepreneur
is looking for a cookie-cutter approach or who wants to buy a franchise
wants a “get-rich-quick” scheme.

Meet Your Instructor

Hans Wijgh, BSc (Biology), BAHon (Politics), MA (Innovation Commercialisation)

Hans Wijgh

I have helped launch 22 startups and raise $215+m in startup funding as a consultant/advisor to clients, as an angel investor, and co-founder of our own startup businesses.

I have mentored hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs from universities and research organisations, solopreneurs and collaborative teams, and thousands have learned from me.

I rely on my unique background in research and data-driven analysis, human insights, knowledge and wisdom gained from 25+ years of practical real-life entrepreneurial experience.

I have developed strategies for effective collaboration and automation, and always prioritise life balance.

What You Will Learn

Six Modules that take you through a step-by-step journey, from Self Discovery to Business Concept

Self Discovery

discover your creativity, personality traits and skill, entrepreneurial mindset, courage and resilience

Generate Ideas

learn how to use your talents, skills and interests to generate multiple business ideas


learn how to quickly research and evaluate your business ideas, and decide on the most viable one

Business Concept

develop a winning Business Concept Plan creating a strong foundation for launching your business


Introduction to Entrepreneurship

The purpose of this Module is to understand the meaning of entrepreneurship and to make sure entrepreneurship is right for you.

We’ll explore the entrepreneurial experience and focus on different types of entrepreneurship, leadership, as well as the right reasons for starting a business. We’ll be using market research data to identify what drives successful entrepreneurs.

Becoming an entrepreneur is extremely exciting. But just like normal life, it comes with risk and one of the core aspects of the entrepreneurial process is risk management. You’ll be looking at your risk profile as well as some low-risk ways to finance your business, starting a business with very little money, or sometimes even no money at all. This helps you decide on the best funding strategies you can apply to all your entrepreneurial projects.

Find out about the common entrepreneurial characteristics that are found in successful entrepreneurs and discover which of these characteristics you share with them. Finally, we’ll look at a widely-held misconception of the exact role that passion plays, and clarify what you need to sustain your entrepreneurial journey over the long haul.

You will also:

understand the 9 Stages of Entrepreneurship and what motivates the different types of entrepreneurs
learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and take a quiz to find out if entrepreneurship is right for you
understand the entrepreneurial process of risk management and evaluate your risk profile
look at the bootstrapping process and the 7 main elements to successful bootstrapping
discover if you have the character traits found in successful entrepreneurs
summarise your core talents, skills, interests and passion to identify what motivates you.


By the end of this Module, you will:

be able to identify what type of entrepreneur you want to be, how much risk you’re willing to take on and decide whether bootstrapping to self-fund your business is right for you
have assessed which of the traits (such as skills, interests, passion, creativity, emotional resilience and emotional intelligence) you share with successful entrepreneurs that will help you succeed.
have a list of your core characteristics of Aptitude, Creativity, Attitude, Drive and Determination, which form the fundamentals of your entrepreneurial success.

The Essentials of Inspiration, Creativity and Innovation

You may have heard the term “Perception is Reality”. We will show you how challenging your perceptions will help you expand your reality and develop your curiosity.

In this Module you’ll learn the importance of curiosity and why it’s important for success as an entrepreneur. Learn how to ask better questions and be inspired by the insightful answers you receive.

Creativity is about conceiving something new, unpredictable, original or unique. We’ll discuss how creativity is a process that can be triggered and harnessed. Learn how to improve your creativity through discovery, consideration and inventiveness.

Innovation is using new ideas and methods to create value for the customer. We’ll show how to identify the different types of innovation and innovation roles. Use this to assess your understanding of the innovation process and be a step closer to knowing how you can develop successful business ideas and turn them into reality.

You will also:

learn how to identify and find your inspiration and creativity
discover how to apply the creative process
learn the 6 main methods for asking better questions
compare the 4 main types of innovation
understand the 5 different innovation roles
learn how to use the 5 step Scientific Method for analysing ideas.


By the end of this Module, you will:

be able to use your inspiration and creativity to expand the range of business opportunities available to you
be able to apply different and new ways of thinking, methods and ideas to come up with more creative solutions
become a master at asking more meaningful questions and become a better communicator
understand the fundamentals of the innovation process to help you identify new ways for creating value
know how to cultivate your curiosity and use the innovation process to produce better business ideas.

Discover your Personality Traits and Skillsets

Understand the importance of personality traits and skillsets to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

In this Module, you will look at the importance of self-awareness. Understand how your character, motives, desires and feelings (and awareness of other people’s feelings towards you) will help you become more successful.

Review your main personality traits and evaluate which of these are important to you moving forward in entrepreneurship.

It is important to learn the differences between technical skills, cognitive skills and non-cognitive skills. Understanding these differences can help you pick a direction that best suits your needs.

Knowing yourself and your strengths is the first step towards starting a successful business. Complete a detailed skills assessment to learn more about yourself and discover which of your skills you can use in entrepreneurship.

You will also:

understand why self-awareness is important for your personal and professional growth
learn what your personality traits reveal about you and how they contribute to you becoming an entrepreneur
learn to identify, assess and evaluate your strengths, talents and skillsets
learn how to quickly become an expert using deliberate practice.


By the end of this Module, you will:

have an accurate “sense of self” that gives you the ability to influence your decision making and to go forward with confidence as an entrepreneur
understand the difference between technical skills, cognitive skills and non-cognitive skills and be able to utilise these in your decision making
be able to create a list of your unique strengths, talents and skills and identify the key elements you have to become a successful entrepreneur.

The Essentials of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Discover how important the entrepreneurial mindset is for your success and how you can develop the right mindset.

In this Module you will learn how to use targeted strategies and perseverance to make the switch from a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset.

Identify the main sources of persistence and motivation, how to take responsibility, and take massive action to build and maintain your momentum for success.

Discover the role habits play in decision making and learn how to replace unwanted habits with new rewarding habits.

You will learn simple yet effective ways to build your capacity to focus and how to use these strategies to manage your time more effectively.

As part of your overall strategy for success, we’ll show you how to design and implement a reward system that is relevant to you and that helps you maintain your momentum for achieving important milestones.

You will also:

create a growth mindset strategy that is right for you and build and maintain your motivation for success
understand how habits are triggered, which habits you have and 3 easy ways to lock in new habits
learn the 6 ways to develop focus and use the 80/20 rule to fast track your results
learn the 4 ways to overcome objections and 6 ways to build momentum
learn 5 very effective methods to help you build your capacity to focus
learn how to become an action taker while maintaining work-life balance as an entrepreneur.


By the end of this Module, you will:

be able to concentrate and remain focused on achieving your outcomes, goals and aspirations
identify the habits that no longer suit you going forward and have the tools and methods to develop new and productive habits
understand how to develop a Growth Mindset and learn how to become an action taker
be able to develop the tools and methods to be persistent, to keep going and build your momentum
be in a position to redesign your life in a way that provides work-life balance and know how to reward yourself when you achieve your milestones.

Developing Courage and Resilience

Courage is the magic that makes dreams come true. In this Module we’ll show you how to use it to achieve your dreams.

We will take a deep dive into the importance of having the courage to take risks on new ideas, and the resilience and determination to keep going to pursue your dreams and aspirations.

While each entrepreneur’s journey is unique, they all follow a similar pattern. We will discuss why it’s important to gain strength and confidence from every experience you have.

Fear is a powerful force that can hold you back from achieving your goals. It’s also one of the most important factors that drives you forward. Discover how you can harness that awesome power and use it to achieve your aspirations.

Understand the Impostor Syndrome for what it is – an irrational belief system. Learn how to recognise it, overcome it, and never again feel your achievements are due to luck rather than skill.

Learn how to increase your emotional intelligence and emotional resilience, which makes it possible for you to achieve your “big why”.

Ambitious people measure success against what they can achieve. Learn the traits of ambitious entrepreneurs so you can be inspired to achieve extraordinary things.

You will also:

learn the 8 stages of entrepreneurship and build your resilience for achieving results
understand the fear of success and fear of failure, how to recognise it and how to use courage to overcome the fear
learn the importance of self-esteem in entrepreneurship and identify your limiting beliefs
overcome impostor syndrome and learn how IQ is completely unrelated to success
learn how to make better decisions and increase your emotional resilience
learn the benefits of surrounding yourself with positive and likeminded people
understand the power of thinking big and learn the 10 traits of ambitious entrepreneurs.


By the end of this Module, you will:

understand the importance of embracing and overcoming your fears and recognise that risk evaluation is just another step along your entrepreneurial path
be able to overcome self-limiting beliefs and replace them with a deep sense of self-esteem and confidence in yourself, knowing that you will be able to achieve anything you set your mind to
identify ways for you to develop your emotional intelligence and emotional resilience so you can create greater autonomy, empowerment and success
analyse how biases impact your decision-making abilities, then identify which biases in particular stop you from achieving successful outcomes.

Develop a Business Concept for Your Idea

Developing your Business Concept is your first, and most crucial step towards turning your ideas into reality.

In this Module, you’ll use everything you have learned in the Inner Entrepreneur course and integrate that into a Business Concept Statement.

Take your first steps of turning your business idea into a product, service, or side hustle.

Use our Business Concept Workbook to walk you through the step-by-step process of planning your new business concept, from start to finish. It includes checklists, worksheets and templates that will help you every step of the way.

Learn how to develop a clear, concise, compelling story of what your product is, what problem it uniquely solves, for whom and how.

Develop a detailed understanding of your target market, use demographics to develop a customer profile, as well as determine what value proposition you are offering your potential customers.

Learn how to become a business idea generator and how to evaluate the viability of your business ideas from a commercial perspective. This gives you valuable insight into whether your idea could be profitable in the marketplace.

You can use also your Business Concept Statement to get feedback or expressions of interest from collaborators or industry experts or to find potential partners and investors that can help you move forward with your new venture.

You will also:

generate business ideas from your dreams, passions, interests and skills
generate business ideas from opportunities and gaps in the market
understanding the benefits of market segmentation
create a customer profile that describes your ideal customer
learn the fundamentals of market research
learn how to research market demand and trends, customer behaviour and your competition
develop a Business Concept Plan for your idea.


By the end of this Module, you will:

be able to expand on your dreams, passions, interests and skills to think outside the box and creatively come up with new, original or unconventional ideas and solutions
be able to research, identify and evaluate business opportunities and gaps in the market, research and assess potential market demand, and segment the market to identify potential niches and untapped business opportunities
be able to conduct a competitive analysis to identify potential competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats
be able to write a customer problem and solution statement that identifies your potential customers’ frustrations and pain points, and describe how your product, service or side hustle can solve their problems
be able to write a winning Business Concept Statement that focuses on the key components of identifying your target market, competitive research, value proposition and customer profile that you can use for your business, service or side-hustle.

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To achieve the most out of the Course, we have provided extensive Coursework (downloadable pdf files) including:

  • Resources (13 items, total of 80 pages)
  • Worksheets (10 items, total of 63 pages)
  • Quizzes (4 items, total of 30 pages)
  • One Workbook (65 pages)
  • Full transcripts of all video lessons

Each Module includes the essential lessons and coursework needed to understand, plan, and put into practice what you have learned.

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What Our Students Say

Testimonial from Ben Müller

The workbook for the Business Concept process was broken down into manageable exercises which stopped me from wasting time. I still have a lot more research to do, but I’m miles ahead of where I’ve been in the past. I highly recommend this course because it really can change your life!

Ben Müller

Laura Scheffner Alonso

As an entrepreneur, it’s not always easy to get started.
If you have someone who can give you some clarity, you know what your next step is.
That will cut 15 years out of your journey. So I am very happy to have met Hans.

To hear what she has to say, view Laura’s video below:

I found this course to be very insightful, and I now have a much better idea on whether or not entrepreneurship is the right fit for me. The 9 stages of entrepreneurship helped me understand the roles of different types of entrepreneurs. It also helped me discover which of my skills would be best used in an entrepreneurial venture. The bootstrapping module was particularly helpful as it gave some quick tips about how to start my own business with little resources. All in all, I found this course to be really helpful and very insightful.

Chloé Durand


Testimonial from Chloé Durand

I’ve never been more excited to take on new challenges than after doing the Courage module in this course! Before doing the course I was suffocated by fear. But since implementing what I have learned, my friends and family are taking notice. I feel like anything is possible and know nothing can stop me now!

Testimonial from Chun hung Chén

Chun hung Chén


Testimonial from David Miller

For years I’ve wanted to quit my corporate job but couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with myself. I had all these ideas running around in my head and at other times I had none. Totally frustrating. But now that’s all changed. Using the Business Concept module workbook, I’ve been able to narrow down on a couple of ideas and ended up running with one which is already showing great promise.
I’ve now quit my corporate job and I couldn’t be happier!

David Miller


WOW! The best way to understand the importance of entrepreneurial mindset is by doing this course. It isn’t only applicable to becoming an entrepreneur, but to anyone and everyone, no matter what your current situation is. Before I had a fixed mindset and I found out how to change this into a growth mindset using the targeted strategies and perseverance I learnt in the course. The main sources of persistence and motivation are there too, and in life you’re definitely going to need that!

Emily Taylor


Testimonial from Emily Taylor

The information has been extremely helpful learning about myself and who I am as an aspiring entrepreneur. For instance, I’ve always known that I am an analytical person, but I’ve learned that I can also be quite impulsive depending on what type of business situation I am faced with – I never knew that.

Testimonial from Helmi Heikkinen

Helmi Heikkinen


Testimonial from Mia Ramírez

I love this course! I’ve learned so much in the past few weeks. Discovery, creation, innovating… I’ve already begun to apply these skills to my company and am getting very good results – very exciting! The course has really helped me understand the creative process and why it’s important for success as an entrepreneur. I felt challenged and excited reading about perception and strategy and how they fit into innovation. Learning about creativity has been a revelation – as long as we connect with what matters to us most, we’ll never lose track of our ideas!

Mia Ramírez

Learning about personality traits really helps to understand why others think and act around me. This has helped me in both my personal relationships as well as business interactions. As a result of doing the course I’ve improved my communication skills and has helped me realize what areas I need to need to work on to become an even more successful entrepreneur.

Robert Garcia


Testimonial from Robert Garcia

What we’ve gone over in this course has been completely life-changing for me – it has made such an impact on the way I approach situations at my business and in my life.

These skills have really improved my capacity to focus as well, which not only helped me with attention span but also managing my time more effectively by understanding how to prioritize tasks that are important to me.

This alone has resulted in a massive increase in revenue. But the best part is that I’ve started to build good habits as well as replace the bad ones. If you’re feeling stuck, this is a great place to start.

Change your mindset and you can achieve anything!

Testimonial from Sophie Johnson

Sophie Johnson

Business owner

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