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Positive Thoughts for Life

Seven tips on how to gain positive thoughts for life

Indulging in positive thoughts for life is perhaps the most critical aspect in knowing how to open a business and marketing it successfully. You’ll need these to deal with the inevitable challenges that come with this decision.

Successful business ideas are a creation of the mind so personal development, self-improvement and personal growth are going to have to become a key part of your kit bag of tools and techniques to get you where you want and need to be, irrespective of whether you consider yourself an entrepreneur or someone who wants to start a business.

But what is positive attitude? Is there some positive attitude definition you can grab hold of that will help you out? Or perhaps some positive attitude stories that illustrate the power of positive thinking quotes that successful people have already experienced?

We’ve spent quite a lot of time researching this to make sure we ourselves stay on track and not fall victim to negative thinking. We often say “we cannot afford the luxury of negative thoughts”. And we mean it!

We’ve found some fabulous motivational tips that are a great way to help push yourself to new levels of achievement and fulfilment. They basically train the mind.

We know many scoff at that idea, but let me tell you, they’re wrong and below is the proof that your mind will believe whatever you tell it.

It has no way of discriminating between the truth and lies. It just doesn’t care! So why fill it with fear uncertainty and doubt when you can just as easily easily fill it with thoughts on success, images of success and inspiring stories of success.

How the mind works

To illustrate how the mind works its magic, in 2007 researchers at the National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, MD) ran a number of experiments where test subjects were told they were either tasting an expensive wine or a cheap wine even though both wines were exactly the same. [1]

What they found was that their brains reacted differently. Not only did the subjective reports of flavour pleasantness changed, but crucially also the structure of the brain also changed! [2]

The famous Albert Einstein summed it up with his typically great eloquence when he said “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”.

My personal take on Albert’s quote is: If you want to pursue your true passion in life, be careful how you fill your head!

So rather than filling your head with negative talk you’re much better off filling it with positive talk, provided you never ever tell yourself any lies!

You have to totally honest with yourself at all times, and believe me this is harder than is sounds! We all “Guild the Lily” every so often, just be aware of when it crosses the line.

So our top 7 quick motivational tips and our current favourites are:

1.    Positive Affirmations
2.    Expect to Win
3.    Meditate
4.    Keep a Journal
5.    Write Your Goals and Plans of Actions
6.    Teach to Learn
7.    Be Holistic

Positive Affirmations

We all have inner dialogues going on in our minds and you have to be in control of it, otherwise they will control you.

Inner dialogues have the power to literally change your personality, your character, your actions and your life. You need to be in control that inner dialogue, and writing positive affirmations is one of the quickest ways to achieve this.

For best results, write one positive affirmation for each of the key areas of your life (health, relationships, finances and career) and keep them close to you, in your wallet or purse, and anytime you feel like you need to remind yourself, just take a quick peek.

Of all the self-improvement motivation tips, all of us in the office like this one the most and we have developed our own special list of our absolute top quotes: The 99 Power of Positive Thinking Quotes.

Expect to Win

The one key thing that sets winners apart from others is that winners expect to win, even before they know how they’re going to do it. They do that one critical thing that many other intelligent people have a hard time doing – they set their expectations, and they set them high.

People who achieve great things in life aren’t usually any more intelligent or capable than the average person. Having expectations doesn’t require knowledge of how those expectations are going to be delivered. If you start from a foundation of bold expectancy, the rest is just a matter of perseverance as well as healthy dose of good luck.


One of the most important yet most often neglected of the seven self-improvement motivation tips is meditation. I have noticed that using daily meditation has helped slow my heart rate and regulated digestion among many other health benefits. It has also made me sleep more restful and helps my body recover faster. We’re not saying this will be the same for you, just that this has been our own personal experience.

The practice of meditation is the one thing which can make all the other six self-improvement tips more effective, but perhaps the most important is its positive impact on the first tip: controlling your inner dialogue. It can help you clearing your mind from “junk thoughts” which lead to worry and anxiety.

Keep a Journal

Keeping a daily journal can help to clarify your thoughts and help you develop an inner sense of self-awareness which will give you the ability to reinvent yourself on a moment’s notice and help you to develop unshakable self-confidence.

You’ll find that almost all of the great achievers in history were avid writers.

Write Your Goals and Plans of Actions

While you’re writing your daily journal, also get into the habit of writing down clear and specific goals and plans of action for achieving them. It is an absolute must if you want to accomplish anything.

Written plans gives you a specific set of actions to take each day towards the realization of your long-term goal. Writing them down also helps clarify your goals and begins building an expectation in your mind, and help control the inner dialogue.

Teach to Learn

The more you teach other people the principles of personal growth, the clearer your understanding will be of them and the more effective you’ll be able to make them in your own life.

Using this self-improvement motivation tip is a really neat way to help yourself by helping others.

Be Holistic

To become a well-rounded individual, the process of personal development must be holistic in nature. Being well-rounded is the key to living a balanced life and for building the physical stamina, the emotional fortitude, the financial security and the social support system required in order to achieve great things.

So if you’re wondering how to become successful in life, give positive thoughts for life a red-hot go. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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