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Entrepreneur Quiz – Character Traits

Do you have the character traits to be a successful entrepreneur?

You like the idea of beginning a side hustle or starting a business, but you are unsure if being an entrepreneur is right for you. This Entrepreneur Quiz will help you find out if you have the character traits to become a successful entrepreneur.

The Entrepreneur Quiz – Character Traits is a self assessment type of quiz designed to test your character traits and find out if you have the It’s free so there’s no reason not to take it! The questions are designed to be simple enough that anyone who has an interest in entrepreneurship can complete them without difficulty.

We hope this helps answer some questions about whether or not entrepreneurship is the right choice for them. Take our free quiz now!

Entrepreneur Quiz instructions

From experience the best way to use the Quiz is to print it and allow plenty of time to complete it using pen and paper. This manual process connects you to your subconscious, giving you profound experiences and insights.

There are four main Sections to the Entrepreneur Quiz:

  • Aptitude
  • Creativity
  • Attitude
  • Drive and Determination

Each Section is divided into several Themes and in total there are 14 Themes. In turn each Theme contains 12 Yes/No questions giving a total of 168 questions.

For those statements you agree with, put a tick in the column labelled “Yes”. Otherwise, put a tick in the column labelled “No”.

Once you have completed the Quiz, count the number of ticks in the “Yes” and “No” columns. If you answered more “Yes” then “No”, congratulations – you have entrepreneurial traits and behaviours!

Even if you’ve answered more “No” than “Yes” – don’t give up. Instead, review the areas where you have answered “No” and look for any patterns or insights it gives you and then keep on learning.

Enjoy the Quiz!

Section 1 – Aptitude

Aptitude is a very important aspect of every person’s life. It characterises your ability to think your way through complexity situations using analytical and problem-solving skills, and how well you are able to apply these in specific situations.

Theme 1.1 – Enthusiasm

1.You are an optimistic person
2.You think enthusiasm is contagious
3.You make it a habit of learning something new every day
4.You are always on the lookout for new opportunities
5.You learn from past mistakes but don’t tend to dwell on them
6.You almost never get bored and rarely feel lethargic or lazy
7.You can see where you want to be in 5 years’ time
8.When things don’t go right for you, you always look for the upside
9.You get really excited about trying new things
10.You are surrounded by positive people
11.You have clear life goals that excite you
12.While you take life very seriously you’re still able to enjoy the moment

Theme 1.2 – Self-confidence

13.You believe in your ideas and in yourself
14.You are confident that you can pursue your dreams and life goals
15.You never take criticisms personally
16.You are very self-assured and confident
17.You always feel empowered no matter what happens
18.You are confident with making your own decisions
19.You see yourself as daring and adventurous
20.Difficult projects don’t intimidate you
21.You avoid unnecessary conflict
22.You never use negative language when you think about yourself
23.You never make decisions until you have the opinions of others
24.You trust in your ability to handle making mistakes

Theme 1.3 – Tolerance towards ambiguity

25.You don’t let unexpected surprises irritate you
26.You are comfortable with uncertainty
27.You are not judgmental and avoid making quick judgments of others
28.You are open-minded to new ideas and opinions
29.You understand that some of your decisions will be wrong
30.You listen to what other people say and you weigh-up their concerns
31.You prefer loosely-worded assignments rather than specific instructions
32.You can adapt to changing circumstances
33.You embrace people who have a different outlook on the world
34.You have the ability to function in uncertain situations
35.You aren’t easily confused when you receive contrary opinions
36.You adapt easily and respond positively to events you cannot control

Theme 1.4 – Resistance to stress

37.You are good at identifying the source of your stress
38.You have learned destressing techniques and use them as needed
39.You strive for balance in your life and make time for fun, family and relaxation
40.You don’t over-worry about everything and don’t overwhelm easily
41.You accept the things that you cannot change
42.You are good at recognising when you are stressed
43.You have no trouble managing your time effectively
44.You are able to say “No” to others
45.You don’t hold grudges towards others
46.You don’t have trouble finding things that make you happy
47.You have boundaries and avoid over-committing yourself
48.You cope well with difficult situations

Section 2 – Creativity

Creatives are highly sought-after for their ability to come up with innovative solutions and new ways of communication their ideas. Thinking outside the box is easy when you have a well-developed sense of your creativity.

Theme 2.1 – Experimenting to see what insights emerge

49.You always look for new and better ways of doing things
50.You are willing to try something new even if you are not sure it will succeed
51.If someone says, “If you believe you can, then you can” you tend to agree
52.You like to question conventional wisdom
53.When you’ve made a mistake you cannot fix, you accept it and move on
54.You can deal with the unexpected and adapt as you go
55.Where others see problems you see opportunities
56.You don’t like taking “No” for an answer
57.You usually find a way out of a difficult situation
58.You don’t always stick to what you know
59.You’re never resistant or inflexible to change
60.When someone tells you something you never take it at face-value

Theme 2.2 – Drawing connections between questions, problems, or ideas

61.When you see a problem you look for the causes
62.When an expert says, “This is the best way” you’ll still question it
63.You can see creative solutions where others cannot
64.You don’t like the saying “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”
65.To generate new ideas, you draw inspiration from your surroundings
66.You don’t run with the first solution that comes to mind
67.When you cannot find a solution to a problem you dig in
68.You can visualise new ideas or concepts without seeing or touching them first
69.You are curious and inquisitive and like to know how things work
70.When exploring an opportunity, you like doing thought experiments
71.You think solutions that work in one situation can possibly work somewhere else
72.You often “think outside the box” and like to ask the question “what if”

Section 3 – Attitude

An individual’s attitude is their set of beliefs, behaviours, perceptions or emotions towards a place, person object or an activity. It is more than just an emotion – it can also be seen as a contributory factor for understanding human behaviour.

Theme 3.1 – The need for achievement and success

73.You never start something that has a moderate chance of success
74.Financial success isn’t your only motivation
75.No matter what, you like to win
76.You would rather fail in your own business than succeed in someone else’s
77.When you successfully complete a project, you can’t wait to start another
78.You have a deep and burning desire to make your ideas work
79.You set high standards for yourself
80.You prefer to challenge the safety of your comfort zone
81.You like being challenged by new situations
82.You like to master new skills
83.You try to be the best in your area of competency
84.You feel you have the energy and emotional strength to handle most things

Theme 3.2 – Need for challenges, self-sufficiency and freedom

85.You see problems as opportunities
86.You think that building a business is hard work
87.You don’t like the expression “Rough Enough is Good Enough”
88.You are competitive and enjoy a healthy level of competition
89.You believe the journey is just as important as the outcome
90.You think ambition can’t ever be overrated
91.When presented with difficulties, you tend to face them head-on
92.You are goal orientated and are always striving to improve yourself
93.You don’t bore easily and can always find something to do
94.You like challenging yourself
95.You allow yourself the time to explore, experiment and discover
96.You are motivated by the independence of being your own boss

Theme 3.3 – Self-starter, independent and action taker

97.You have a “can do” attitude
98.You tend to be sure of your own abilities
99.As you wake-up you rarely lack the motivation to start your day
100.You always ask for help when you are unsure about something
101.You are willing to take calculated risks to get ahead in life
102.You understand that failures are stepping stones to success
103.You have a strong desire to be your own boss
104.You find enjoyment from getting started on new projects or activities
105.You find it easy to make your own decisions
106.You don’t like to procrastinate
107.You eagerly acquire the knowledge you need to succeed
108.You like talking to people to see what problems you can solve for them

Theme 3.4 – Leadership

109.You like it when people ask for your advice
110.You have tolerance for anyone who disagrees with you
111.You tend to stick with your decisions, but will change if need be
112.Other people consider you to be a self-starter and a leader
113.You are often asked to lead groups and projects
114.You think that team meetings are important
115.You love taking responsibility and leading others
116.You don’t mind influencing others
117.You are more effective when you are free to do what you think is best
118.People get excited by your ideas
119.You see yourself as a self-starter and a leader
120.You tend to talk less than you listen to others

Section 4 – Drive and Determination

Everyone has dreams and aspirations they hope will come true someday. Two keys factors contribute to success in any aspect of life: Drive and Determination. Those with an unwavering commitment always find eventual fulfillment.

Theme 4.1 – Structured, methodical and planning

121.You have no difficulty managing your own time and workload effectively
122.You like to meticulously plan the work and then methodically work the plan
123.You plan your work within daily deadlines
124.You trust the plan but will always look-up to see if you are on track
125.Dealing with last minute problems, glitches or changes doesn’t overwhelm you
126.You monitor your work and take remedial action when necessary
127.You draw up contingency plans and adapt as necessary
128.You always strive to meet deadlines
129.You never procrastinate and will do your utmost to complete tasks
130.You may be untidy but never have clutter around you
131.You can assess the time and resources needed for projects or activities
132.You record and store information in a systematic way

Theme 4.2 – Perseverance and determination

133.You know you can recover from mistakes
134.You have a lot of energy and are willing to work smart and hard
135.You have no difficulty assessing when circumstances have changed
136.You keep pursuing your dreams until you’ve achieved your end-goal
137You don’t think that the best way to succeed is to avoid failure
138.You are willing to undergo sacrifices to gain possible long-term rewards
139.When you encounter difficulties, you dig deep and don’t give up easily
140.When presented with a problem you like to analyse the issues
141.You reward yourself each time you reach an important milestone
142.You persist with seemingly impossible tasks but never fail to evaluate them
143.You are comfortable making long-term commitments
144.When you start something you rarely lose interest and fail to finish it

Theme 4.3 – The need for power and control

145.You like having things done your way
146.Whenever there is a problem, you won’t hesitate to take the lead
147.You believe that people must be masters of their own destiny
148.You think luck plays a role in achieving success
149.You really enjoy working for organisations that have clearly defined rules
150.You like accepting feedback or advice from others
151.You do not like being told what to do
152.You want to have your say in everything that goes on around you
153.You don’t like it when someone else is in control
154.You like the thought of being your own boss
155.You always others the chance to take the initiative
156.You like teamwork and you are a team player

Theme 4.4 – The ability to set stretch targets

157.You can accept failure and have the strength to move forward
158.You don’t leave difficult tasks till later
159.When something fails, you have a way to pick yourself up again
160.Often when you look at something you think “I know can do better”
161.You shoot for excellence in everything you do
162.You are exhilarated by achieving results
163.You believe that “determination will overcome any obstacle”
164.You think success is never overrated
165.You don’t worry about what is “reasonable” before moving forward
166.You get an adrenaline rush every time you step outside of your comfort zone
167.When thinking about your future you can see yourself running a business
168.You are eager to commence your entrepreneurial journey

Note: A version of this Entrepreneur Quiz is also used in the Inner Entrepreneur Course.
It’s proven to give excellent indications for student self-assessment, highlighting strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

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