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Entrepreneur Quiz – Character Traits

Do you have the character traits to be a successful ?

If you like the idea of a side hustle or starting a business but you’re unsure if you have the character traits to be a successful entrepreneur? Then this Entrepreneur Quiz is right for you!

The Entrepreneur Quiz is free and you don’t have to provide any contact details. The Quiz is an essential part of our Inner Entrepreneur Course which gives you a comprehensive introduction to entrepreneurship and includes a broad range of training resources (eg the Quiz).

The Course has been developed by highly experienced entrepreneurs to help aspiring entrepreneurs. It covers identifying your passions, interests and skills, how to research and evaluate business ideas, and takes you through the process of developing a Business Concept Plan.

The Quiz is self assessment and is designed to help you answer the important question whether entrepreneurship is the right choice for you.

There are four main Sections to the Entrepreneur Quiz, and each Section is divided into several Themes. In total there are 14 Themes and each Theme contains 12 Yes/No style questions, giving a total of 168 questions:

Section 1: Enthusiasm
Section 2: Self-confidence
Section 3: Tolerance towards ambiguity
Section 4: Resistance to stress

Section 5: Experimenting to see what insights emerge
Section 6: Drawing connections between questions, problems, or ideas

Section 7: The need for achievement and success
Section 8: Need for challenges, self-sufficiency and freedom
Section 9: Self-starter, independent and action taker
Section 10: Leadership

Section 11: Structured, methodical and planning
Section 12: Perseverance and determination
Section 13: The need for power and control
Section 14: The ability to set stretch targets

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